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Committed to unlocking the value of Web3

We are a boutique consulting firm offering an end-to-end Web3 journey.

From M&A due diligence, to tokenomics design, to technology delivery, our team and advisor ecosystem helps you navigate the rapidly shifting market and technology landscape.

Our Mission

We believe that the paradigm shift to web 3.0 is not only a response to big-tech and corporate consolidation, but also will be paramount in resolving generational challenges. Our mission is to build a more equitable and inclusive society through disruptive digital technologies.

How We Help
Research & Market Intelligence

We stay up to date on the latest market and technology innovations, so you don't have to.


We curate powerful web3 experiences ranging from virtual worlds to NFT plays.

Technology Delivery

We build and incubate dApps and protocols.

Strategic Partnerships

We leverage our network and expertise to support in fundraising, go-to-market strategy, and think along side you to make your project a success.

We have worked with

Martijn is a seasoned technology consultant that has worked in the Technology Consulting practice of Accenture for several years. Martijn worked on a broad variety of technical and strategic projects for clients in the Financial Services sector as well as on international blockchain implementations in the digital ID space. He has obtained his MSc Strategic Management after obtaining two bachelor degrees. On top, Martijn is currently pursuing a MSc CS in his free time.

Martijn van de Weerdt
Strategy Lead

Vincent is a technology strategist with 5 years of financial services consulting experience in Accenture’s global Blockchain team. He has served in an advisory capacity on a range of successful projects including a blockchain platform for a premiere asset manager, a corporate identity solution for a Fortune 500, decentralized data storage and blockchain based payment systems. Vincent is an HEC Paris finance graduate (Msc) and has worked and lived in Paris, Washington D.C., Beijing, and Amsterdam.

Vincent McLeese
DeFi Lead

Laurent is a serial entrepreneur and investor. He has founded several successful NFT and Web3 companies, including a novel way to embed IP into digital assets. A pioneer in web marketing, he founded the first Digital Marketing Agency which was sold to Havas Group in 2009. Laurent brings a strong ability to combine web3 with effective go-to-market strategies.

Laurent Chemla
Metaverse Advisor

Over 20 years experience programming in 20 different languages. Specializing in complex problem-solving in software architecture. Previously has taught Linux at NASA and has created an RSA cryptocurrency in 2002 with a double spend solution similar to Ripple. He is an experienced technical entrepreneur.

Ian Smith
Chief Technology Officer

Aleissia has over 15 years of experience being in the forefront of emerging technologies such as AR, VR, AI, IOT, games and the metaverse. In 2018, she was nominated one of the top 30 people to watch in the augmented reality space by Next Reality. She held leadership roles in 3AAA companies such as Ubisoft, Magicleap (AR) and The Mill (creative studio).

Previously, Aleissia has worked at Ubisoft as the Technical/Gameplay director where she led the technology teams on the Assassin’s Creed franchise. She led the gameplay/AI team which consisted of +100 developers, designers and animators. At the Mill, she led the technology partnership team and acted as the liaison for partners such as Facebook, Snapchat, Unity, Microsoft and others.

Aleissia Laidacker
Metaverse Advisor

Elliot is Web 3 strategist and leads Metaverse for AW3L. His background is in innovation and strategy consulting working with Fortune 500 companies across many sectors. He’s focused on supporting clients of one of the worlds largest technology consultancy companies with their Metaverse and NFT strategies, helping them understand what the technology means for them and defining the art of the possible.

Metaverse Lead

Shota is a growth strategist with a broad range of startup experiences across SaaS, e-commerce and blockchain. During his career in SaaS, he’s built and deployed outreach strategies/teams to secure enterprise contracts of several F500 firms including Nike. Within e-commerce, he bootstrapped and exited two successful ventures. Shota has been in the blockchain space since 2016 and most recently has been active advising several defi protocols and a layer 1 solution.

Shota Kimura Bauer
Growth Strategist

Thomas is a software engineer who specializes in the application of the functional programming paradigm to architect large-scale, determistic software. He joins AW3L after spending the last 5 years building financial technology for major banking institutions. At the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, he led the redevelopment of the organizations' Marketsource application which is among the most visible pieces of internal software at the NYFRB. Most recently, Thomas was a member of Bank of America's Global Banking and Markets (GBAM) sector where he helped engineer a suite of high-volume trading platforms for individuals working within the derivatives markets across the AMRS, EMEA, LATAM, and APAC regions.

Thomas Greco
Engineering lead

Paul is PhD candidate with Utrecht University’s DAO research group. There he researched blockchain governance and DAO community building. He is also the Product Manager DAO at Centric where he builds the Dutch governments consortium for decentralization. Previously he was a technology strategy consultant at Accenture.

Paul van Vulpen
DAO Governance Advisor

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