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Accelerate Web3 Labs. Your gateway into Web3. Blockchain advisory trusted by leading firms.

AW3L stands for Accelerate Web 3.0 Labs.

We are a research and advisory boutique specialising in decentralized ledger technology. Leveraging a combined 15+ years of experience in technology consulting, financial services, and the crypto space, we accelerate early-stage projects to become transformational businesses by ensuring they have the right tools and expertise to fast-track growth milestones.

Our commitment to long-term shared success sets us apart. 

In an industry defined by moonshots and get rich quick schemes, so called investment boutiques or VCs have responded in mass looking for a quick buck. This ‘jump on – jump off’ style of investing has consequently become the norm for early projects and start-ups. AW3L recognizes the need for investment and advisory services to mature into a partnership approach defined by long-term shared success. 

Our commitment to our clients is to create a partnership and jointly accelerate projects on their incubation journey. We understand that capital investments are often only one piece of the puzzle.

A wealth of industry and relevant project experience.

Our team and advisors are battle tested industry and technology consultants. We have seen how companies and organizations react to new technologies and intimately understand the real-world challenges to adoption. Furthermore, we have assisted large companies, including F500s, implement distributed ledger technologies. This gives us a unique perspective in scaling and advising start-ups that most VCs in the crypto space are unable to offer. 

Leveraging our background in management and technology consulting as well as our strong networks within crypto, we aim to set a new standard of investment and advisory in the web 3.0 industry. 

The AW3L vision is to enable the most ambitious teams behind web 3.0 to accelerate their transformative potential across industries ripe for disruption, whether it be finance, the data economy, gaming, supply-chain and more.

We understand that there is no shortage of financial capital in the market but if you’re looking for a rock-solid partner that is willing to pull up their sleeves to co-create your journey towards mass-adoption, feel free to reach out to us.

Start your web3 journey with us

We're actively seeking ambitious web 3.0 teams to co-work with and make long-lasting impact. Feel free to reach out to us to see how we can help.

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