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AW3L invests into Kasuria, a Defi data portal


March 14, 2022

With the company recently coming out of stealth mode, we are thrilled to announce that we have invested in the incredibly promising startup Kasuria. Besides the highly talented and smart founding team, our visions are fully aligned in what the growing DeFi ecosystem needs to foster adoption and expand towards the next stages of maturity. 

Martijn van der Weerdt, Co-founder of AW3L:

“Blockchain is being adopted at a higher pace than the Internet and with that, financial markets and products are currently re-built on DLT technology. Attracted by new yield opportunities and driven by disruption and customer demand, we expect institutions to rush into DeFi in the next years.

We foresee Kasuria trailblazing the DeFi market for asset managers, institutions, and savvy individuals by lowering entry barriers as well as helping them navigate through de-complexing this market. We couldn’t be more proud to support the company along this endeavour.

Fabian Kroll, CEO of Kasuria GmbH:

“DeFi is the consequential continuation of the development of electronic financial markets over the last decades, now on a trustless and peer-to-peer basis. With our data portal we are striving to support adaption during this fascinating new age of finance and fully embrace the exciting adventure that it is. Even more so we couldn’t be happier to know we have some strong and reliable partners like AW3L on our side at this early stage – welcome onboard! With their extensive knowledge in Web3 and Blockchain technologies and their global network, AW3L is fully aligned towards our shared goals and the partnership will be of great value to us.”

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